PAUL VANDERVEEN: Blog en-us (C) PAUL VANDERVEEN [email protected] (PAUL VANDERVEEN) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:43:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:43:00 GMT PAUL VANDERVEEN: Blog 120 85 Back to the Botanical Gardens Rapidly becoming a place where I really enjoy shooting.

I did not modify the flowers in Lightroom.  They look that watercolored  in real life.

Also tried some focus stacking and will do more of that in the future.  You can see more in the recent section



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Desert Botanical Gardens Always good to get there when the weather starts warming up.  Roadrunner family joined us at Gertrudes  while  we ate!

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Web site updated..... still not satisfied [email protected] (PAUL VANDERVEEN) Sun, 25 Jan 2015 23:02:32 GMT Found the Duck Petroglyph After 3 years I finally made it back to Pueblo Pato and found the famous duck.  I will be redoing the website soon and making a page just for petroglyphs


DSC03771DSC03771 IMG_1427IMG_1427

[email protected] (PAUL VANDERVEEN) Mon, 19 Jan 2015 05:22:05 GMT
Monument Valley Was able to spend time with the Yazzie Family who live in the actual Monument.  More on my featured tab.


[email protected] (PAUL VANDERVEEN) Thu, 13 Nov 2014 03:57:08 GMT
I really need to keep up...... Dia De Los Muertos at Mesa Art Center PV149115PV149115 PV149144PV149144 PV149160PV149160 PV149236PV149236 PV149284PV149284 PV149310PV149310 PV149388PV149388 PV149393PV149393

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Ok caught up.... GILA MONSTER I finally found the Cave I have been questing for.  Ended up finding a research paper from 1967 with helpful details and a great read.  Was a nice place to sit and think how others traversed and used the land.  Then on the way out found a Gila monster crossing the road... among other things.

PV147173PV147173 _MG_5089_MG_5089 PV146933PV146933 IMG_5070IMG_5070

[email protected] (PAUL VANDERVEEN) Mon, 28 Apr 2014 20:18:37 GMT
Still updating Spent Easter in Flagstaff with the middle little one at NAU.  Lava Tube Caves are fun.

PV146836PV146836 PV146834PV146834 IMG_4705IMG_4705

[email protected] (PAUL VANDERVEEN) Mon, 28 Apr 2014 20:14:56 GMT
Wow blogging is hard I forgot to post recently So after my Zen moment near the cabin I got distracted and have not updated ... or even put up cabin pics.  Turns out the Cabin was a Forest Service Admin site for sheep herding in the 30s through 50s.  The current cabin pictured is circa 1946.  I absolutely love it.   After contacting the Forest Archeologist he let me know the Service may be tearing it down!!!! OH NO.  Needless to say I volunteered to write proposals or help organize some work to be done to save the little cabin in the high desert.




_MG_4232_MG_4232 _MG_4195_MG_4195

[email protected] (PAUL VANDERVEEN) Mon, 28 Apr 2014 20:10:17 GMT
Zen I went to shoot a cabin and wildlife.  Ended up catching some Zen in an old creek bed
















[email protected] (PAUL VANDERVEEN) Mon, 14 Apr 2014 03:33:31 GMT
Im stuck on Aircraft It seems like I am missing out on Spring flowers.  However with the lack of rain the hills appear to be a bit of a bust.  I did manage to get to the Luke AFB days and get some birds flying then last weekend did the Pima Air Museum in Tucson.  The Air museum was nice but I just felt the planes were trapped.  There glory diminished by the binds holding them to the ground.  I wasn't able to get to the boneyard but after seeing the ones on display outside I just felt ... sad.  They are still beautiful in my eyes especially the Constellation's.  Here are a few to view

IMG_3368IMG_3368 IMG_3407IMG_3407 PV146067PV146067 IMG_3430IMG_3430

IMG_2619IMG_2619 PV145507PV145507 PV145579PV145579

[email protected] (PAUL VANDERVEEN) Wed, 02 Apr 2014 05:40:07 GMT
La Posada and Canyon Diablo Was lucky enough to "have" to go to Winslow AZ and spend the night in La Posada an old Harvey House Hotel on the tracks that has been reborn.  If you like route 66 or you like Trains.... or you like standin on a corner in Winslow Arizona then you need to pull off the main freeway and spend some time in this gem of a town.   The hotel has amazing food amazing history and it still operates as a train stop!!! IMG_0254IMG_0254 IMG_0252IMG_0252


I also took the time to travel to the "worst" town in the SW.... Canyon Diablo.  It was a town of fast booze, fast women and faster bullets.  Stories go that one Law Man arrived at 3pm and was dead by 8pm.  They used to bury people where they fell..... They also dug one man up after being buried because he did not get a chance to finish his drink before he died.



[email protected] (PAUL VANDERVEEN) Mon, 10 Feb 2014 00:06:11 GMT
More Lens Envy Tamron just came out with a 150-600 4-5.6 lens.  Long and somewhat fast with vibration control.  When I saw the lens at ImagingUSA 2 weeks ago I looked at the wife and said "I need to sell my Sigma 150-500 because that will make mine drop in price".  I didnt sell it.  Partly because I would have to replace it and I am not sold on lower end long zooms even if everyone is excited about the Tamron.  So I walked the dog this AM and just tried to be disciplined.  Up the ISO get some speed try to steady and FILL THE FRAME.  I remember reading a post in a forum once about sharp pictures and one responder over and over kept saying "you need to get closer".  Finally someone snapped and told him to go away.  I clicked on his links and he is a highly admired wildlife photographer.  You just cant beat being close.  The hummingbird is about 100 feet away and the other bird is about 30 feet away everything else is similar.  Until I am rich and can up my lens quality I need to keep the Siggy and just get closer PV133590PV133590 PV133614PV133614

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Blogging I am not a good Blogger!

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